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July 20, 2022



Keeping your Tesla in peak condition means durable and lasting paint protection. Tesla Clear Bra is a superior innovation in vehicle body enhancement and protection. It consists of a clear film that bonds to your car’s original paintwork and delivers years of resistance against moisture and chemical damage and minor abrasions. Clear bra for tesla Model X vehicles is so effective; it can reduce the impact of small rocks and chips from deteriorating the paintwork. Advanced technologies in the auto industry pave the way for new and lasting products that promote the protection of vehicle condition. The slightest damage to the exterior bodywork will degrade the vehicle and take away from the immaculate appearance you strive to maintain. Restoring paintwork by removing scratches and chips can quickly result in exorbitant costs. Not only will the scratch or chip need to be covered by the new paint matched to the original vehicle’s color. Avoid the expense and the maintenance of car washing and polishing when you invest in Clear Bra for Tesla Model X.

Benefit from the best protective film technology

Clear Bra for Tesla Model X consists of an innovative and tough urethane film that keeps the most exposed areas of your car optimally protected against minor scratches, color fade, and blotches. The once-off installation of the Clear Bra can offset high and ongoing expenses in restoration and repairs. To ensure your Tesla Model X benefits from the best protective film technology, entrust the services to Electric Auto Films. We deliver on our promises of durable, esthetic, and seamless finishes.

Clear Bra technology will not obscure the original coat color of vehicles. It is a clear film, virtually invisible, that is flawlessly applied to the exterior. The result is a smooth finish clearly showcasing seamless paintwork that is free from scratches and damages. The precision application also prevents one from distinguishing between the Clear Bra and the remainder of the vehicle body. To maintain your Clear Bra it requires a wipe down with soapy water to remove dust and grime. It eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming scrubs, waxing, and polishing. The tough film will also maintain its glossy appearance, so your vehicle looks good wherever you go. If you prefer a matte appearance, speak to our team at Electric Auto Films, we present both high gloss and matte finishes to maintain the custom appearance of the Tesla Model X.

Maintain the beauty and protection of your Model X for many years

Did you know, the Model X clear bra is so resistant it was used for military purposes to protect vehicles against chips, scratches, and deterioration caused by gravel, stones, and dirt. If you were ever looking for a lasting protective solution for your asset, then the installation of the Clear Bra is what you need. We are committed to providing our customers with the most exceptional quality and precision workmanship. Our products will maintain the beautiful condition and maximize the protection of vehicles for many years. To benefit from our customized services, speak to us, and we will find the right addition to enhance and manage the finish of your automobile.

Whether you are driving on a residential road or the highway, picking up the smallest stone can leave your Tesla Model X polished bodywork damaged and blemished. Provide your vehicle the quality protection it deserves with the Clear Bra by Electric Auto Films. Our lasting and protective films are the best in the industry providing a self-healing coat that is more durable and effective than vinyl. Achieve a stealthy and contemporary look with the Tesla Model X clear bra. Give us a call today to speak to one of our professional Clear Bra installers.

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